Headshot Jarell Alvarez BCIT D3 Portfolio


User Experience Designer: Wireframing, Personas, Taskmodels

User Interface Designer: Styleguides, Mock-Ups, Prototyping

Graphic Design

Web Design Languages: HTML | CSS | Javascript | Jquery | React.js

Software: Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Premiere | After Effects

Jarell Alvarez

Hey there! I’m Jarell Alvarez. I’m a student at BCIT in the D3 Program (Digital Design and Development) where I’ve learned numerous skills in business, design, and development of web applications. I consider myself a “jack-of-all-trades master of none” and have learned to adapt to such a fast pace, real world environment.

I’ve taken numerous side-projects such as creating a character in Whisper of the After Life, taking a managing role in Link BCIT Magazine as an associate editor, becoming the Internal VP of the BCIT eSports club, owning my own photography business and still maintaining 80+ average in school. I love to take on new tasks and learn new skills as it can help me solve any problem I face in life.

During my work at BCIT, I’ve begun to have a passion for User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) and have been practicing principles and learning more throughout every project I’ve had. It’s amazing to call my ‘job’ something that I love and I hope to continue creating more.

Photography Jarell Alvarez BCIT D3 Portfolio


I’ve been holding a camera ever since I was 4 years old when my dad decided to give me the sole responsibility to record our entire Europe trip. Despite my constant complaining of it being tiring, getting terrible shots or running out of battery something sparked within me. It began to fester and turn into a life long mission to master the craft of photography as a hobby. I became more serious as I began establishing myself in the photography community in May 2015 year specializing in headshot photography while working as a background actor. From there I was able to find plenty of clients, find a mentor and establish my own network and facebook group here

travelling photography Jarell Alvarez BCIT D3 Portfolio


I’ve been traveling since my Europe trip and have gone on many trips since then. I’ve visited 21 countries in the span of my life and have learned about many cultures along the way. Traveling has created a devotion that all my goals in life are aimed towards. I believe it’s given me the capacity for inspiration, creativity and “Thinking outside the box” as it’s given me new opportunities that many don’t have. Recently I’ve traveled to Greece where I spent a good chunk alone and learning about myself. Travelling is in my family and I never intend to stop.