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Project Details

Client: BCIT First Term

Date: 11 October 2015

Category: Storytelling

Software: iMovie

Role(s): Creator | Editor | Director

Purpose Storytelling Greece Trip Jarell Alvarez Portfolio


This video project was a final project for my storytelling class at BCIT during my first term. The objective was to create an entirely original story that can be fiction or nonfiction and display it in either a slideshow, video or a mixture format. I chose to do my trip to greece because it was one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve ever had and I wanted to give my classmates better knowledge of who I am through the power of storytelling. I also wanted to show my prowess with my editing skills that were inspired by a vlogger named Casey Neistat.

Process Storytelling Greece Trip TripJarell Alvarez Portfolio


Wispers of the Soul was a team collaboration that mainly took place on Skype, Trello and Facebook. There were three developers and three designers who each took on individual tasks such as designing the slime character or programming the physics of the characters. When I was given the role of designing the golem, I immediately started coming up with sketches of traditional golems. Afterwards I began designing the golem in 2D, studying how rock formed and body shapes to make this character feel unique. There were many group meetings on skype and lots of deliberations on how to go about making the sprite sheet but we were able to pull off a proof of concept by the end of the challenge.

Final Outcome

The final video was presented to my entire class and was given high regards among my peers and teachers. The article was featured in the December issue of BCIT LINK Magazine and was garnered praise by the Publications Manager for an article that was lead by my voice and was a strong piece overall.

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