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Link Ad Graphic Design Jarell Alvarez Portfolio

Project Details

Client: BCIT LINK Magazine

Date: 13 December 2016

Category: Graphic Design | Advertisement Campaign

Software: Photoshop | Illustrator

Role(s): Lead Designer

Purpose Graphic Design Jarell Alvarez Portfolio


I was given the task to create a design for LINK BCIT Magazine targeted towards International Students who may be interested in contributing for the blog or print versions. This was a campaign on the printed and digital version that's distributed around every BCIT Campus (Burnaby, Downtown, Marine etc.) along with posters that are hung up around various locations campuswide. My objective was to create a design that spoke to an internationally broad audience and tell them that we’re interested in hearing your stories and understanding your unique cultures.

Process Graphic Design Jarell Alvarez Portfolio


This was assigned to me by the Publications Manager at LINK and given artistic freedom while being provided poster edits, words, campaign name etc. It started with trying to find a concept that can easily communicate multiculturalism and a call to action that’s recognizable by anyone. Once I came up with a simple idea of splitting the face into four races my design direction became clear. I incorporated a texture paper background to give it a tangible feel, as well as watercolor splatters on the top to create a realistic and palpable look. Since faces are nearly symmetrical and eyes draw in viewers easily, the overall design needed to feel balance and not overtake the main face.

Through many backs and forth revisions on the design with my client, we were able to settle on a complete design that was ready for print everywhere.

Final Outcome

Achieving a design that satisfied the client's needs was a challenge and my top priority. I was given a deadline to have all the assets completed in order to roll the campaign campus-wide. The overall design did a great job of communicating towards International students a call to action that was aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. Final distributions were made campus wide within the LINK BCIT Magazine December 2017 .
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the headshots used in the photo yet were used as inspiration for the end design and distributed in a free magazine for students across bc that's made by a student as well.

Final Image LINK Advertisement UX/UI Design Jarell Alvarez Portfolio
Stands LINK Advertisement UX/UI Design Jarell Alvarez Portfolio
Outdoor LINK Advertisement UX/UI Design Jarell Alvarez Portfolio