Storytelling | MONSOX

Details Creative Director Jarell Alvarez D3 BCIT portfolio

Project Details

Client: BCIT Second Term

Date: 15 May 2016

Category: Storytelling

Software: Illustrator | Pen and Paper

Role(s): Creative Director

Purpose Creative Director Jarell Alvarez D3 BCIT portfolio


MONSOX is a uniquely collaborative project that has at its core interesting core characters that are modelled off real sock monsters. I was the creative director in charge of creating the entire storyline, characters, and co-producing the project with my fellow classmates. The site was launched in April 2015, as well as writing a featured article for Link Magazine at the same time.

The core of Monsox is meant to inspire kids, teens and young adults that it’s cool to be unique, independent and curious about their world, and yet be resourceful & thoughtful about the environment around them. This concept of individuality is expressed through different storylines of the Monsox, through an exploration of their world. I’ve created characters that not only feel organic, but are relatable to a mass audience with a world that is unique to their own.

Process Creative Director Jarell Alvarez D3 BCIT portfolio


I began thinking about every childhood show that I’ve currently watched in the past five years. There was something in each of them and I started digging and researching what it was. All of these characters were put in an imperfect world and are forced to live in it, similar to us. Looking to shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon of course) displayed an immediate comparison with experiences everyone can relate too. I set out to create characters that had huge flaws that they would later overcome and a threat on their world that would allow them to rise to the task.

It was difficult thinking of all the ways that this could be different and include the sock theme. With some guidance I was able to craft a mythology that helped shape my world and can be revealed as the story progressed. Brainstorming bubbles and google docs helped me cement thoughts and guided the very core of our concept.

In order to communicate these ideas to the rest of the team's (web development, audio and video, design, marketing) , we had weekly check ups that encouraged feedback from the rest of the class while being independant throughout. Slack also played a huge contribution in our communication as well as taking ownership of setting personal goals for ourselves.

Results Creative Director Jarell Alvarez D3 BCIT portfolio

Final Outcome

With keeping real world marketing in mind, we were able to establish an online brand followed by a digital campaign that were around a bunch of sock monsters called MONSOX. By outlining the story and characters in the website, our message was clear and our story was sent into the world to see if we can make it.