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Details Storytelling Jarell Alvarez D3 BCIT portfolio

Project Details

Client: BCIT Second Term

Date: 15 May 2016

Category: Storytelling

Software: Adobe Premiere | After Effects

Role(s): Director | Editing (Premiere) | Sound | Director of Photography

Purpose Storytelling Jarell Alvarez D3 BCIT portfolio


Part of a two man team, we wanted to pay tribute to our teacher and inspiration for our project. We wanted to ensure both our teachers requirements were met and made a plan from the beginning to meet these.

Process Storytelling Jarell Alvarez D3 BCIT portfolio


I was given the task to storyboard, director, director of film and edit the whole video. My partner was in charge of conducting the interview as well as adding all the visual effects. We collaborated effortlessly and were able to finish filming in a few days. We also had to figure out ways to make the off-site sound be as realistic as we can get. We chose separate roles as I’ve had editing experience previously through cover videos and other film projects.

Final Outcome

We were very proud of the amount of work we integrated. Our editing and special effects gave us very high marks from both teachers. I was able to successfully display our creative skills in editing, directing, and framing to make a one of a kind video that showed my skills in film and editing.