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Project Details

Client: BCIT Third Term

Date: 07 December 2016

Category: Web Design | User Interface | User Experience<

Software: Atom.io | Illustrator | Photoshop

Role(s): Front End Developer | UI Designer | UX Designer

Purpose UX/UI Design Jarell Alvarez Portfolio


Redpin started as a group project during my third semester at BCIT. It began with an idea to merge our social media apps to create the ultimate traveling app for any user. I was recruited as the jack of all trades designer and developer who can do any task that was assigned to him. As we began developing the app my role shifted towards my strengths UX/UI Design and Front-End Development . From there I was able to incorporate a lot of the end designs and experiences in the final version of our app.

Through many testings that I was in charge of we believe we created a truly user friendly app that cares about our users experience.

Wireframes UX/UI Design Jarell Alvarez Portfolio


We wanted to create an app that would be able to create a social network for travellers to connect with their friends across the world and plan trips effectively. We integrated Facebook API’s and Google Maps in order to harness their power to make our app very functional. Our proof of concept was a personal planning app that let users plan trips on their own. Further implementations would consist of chat systems, cross planning with multiple users, integration with traveling websites and much more.

Final Outcome

Through many user testings from paper prototypes, one on one testings through our prototypes and bug reports made a fleshed out product that is usable and looks great. We received 2nd place during our final presentation in front of 120+ students and industry reps upon being voted on. My UI/UX and Front-End Development work highly regarded by peers, instructors and industry reps that viewed it.

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