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👋🏼 Currently a UI/UX designer solving users problems & seeking new opportunities.

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A driven, engaging and insightful designer professional with a passion for work that positively impacts the human experience, growing and bringing innovation to companies, with a proven ability to improve processes and customers experience.

I have an eagerness to take on new challenges and bring new meaning to user centered design through research, feedback and new experience. Strong problem solving, critical design thinking, leadership and teamwork skills.

Empathy, passion and positive energy is how I approach everything. When you positively impact someone's life, it will echo across the world.

Here's a list of other interests I have:



Back at BCIT I was an Associate Editor of Link BCIT Magazine and was responsible for collaboratively creating an engaging and relevant student publication. Responsibilities also included writing out articles, recruiting contributors, guiding them and editing their work. I’ve also written a few about Medium articles about design as well.


Board Game Nerd

Large or tiny boxes of joy that live on my shelves singing it's sirens calls, my collection waits impatiently to be woken up in slumber. I've begun my conquest on the biggest, baddest, funnest collection around and will play these boxes of joy's during work lunch or on the weekends to appease my cardboard rulers. Marie Kondo would approve.


Cooking Nerd

The internet has blessed us with a bounty of delicious, inspiring and deadly recipes and my job is to create weekly meal prep and stay up late on my phone watching how to recipe videos. I love playing in the kitchen by creating my own yogurt, sourdough, ginger beer and granola. Ask me for my mighty good Pad Thai recipe and I'll pass my secret.


1:1 Mentoring

Part of my philosophy in life is to have a positive impact on people's lives and effect as many as possible. This led me to begin mentoring in 2018 and will gladly meet up with you to answer any questions regarding after post-secondary development or any design related questions you might have. Let me know if you need help with Photoshop and Sketch and I'll gladly do my best.


Moment Capturer

I held my first camera when I was 6 on a European trip with my parents and haven’t stopped taking photos ever since. From travel, graduation and family portraits to owning my own headshot business and running Convertus' Humans of Convertus photo series, there’s never a moment finer than one captured through a lens.


Meditation Practicioner

Practicing daily meditations since 2018 has skyrocketed my productivity, clarified my life goals, amplified my attention to detail on daily projects, and giving me energy to sustain my working days. I’ve also led meditation groups within my workplace two times a week.


Mental Health Advocate

Everyone has personal struggles in life and I would love to be a helpful voice in the echoing cave. I've put an incredible amount of work on myself and have learned many things that can help others personally and professionally. We're all in this weird world struggling together, so let's raise each other up in the process.


Worldly Travels

I’ve travelled to 21 countries and have learned so much about cultures and getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve taken solo trips that's given me inspiration, creativity and learning how to be comfortable alone.


Half Elf Cleric, Tiefling Bard, Halfling Ranger, Air Genasi Monk turned Sorcerer

Actively playing four D&D campaigns friends and conquering bad guys. Yes those are my characters above and yes it’s consumed most of my life. Related pop culture examples include: Community S2 Ep14, any Stranger Things episode and that weird movie back then titled: Maze and Monsters with Tom Hanks.


Classifying Music

Listening to ranges of music in Alternative R&B, Pop and Soul. Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Amy Winehouse, Childish Gambino and Jack Johnson. Basically I’ll listen to anything else Country with three exceptions that are unequivocally the best. I'm an original choir boy sing, part of a band and listen to Lofi Hip Hop, Jazz or design podcasts while I work.

🕺 🎤

The Essence of a Good Night

Skills matter when others are having fun as long as you can belt out Whitney Houston, Queen and Sum 41 or challenging others to dance battles on the dance floor are neccessary for a memorable night. Let me know if you need stress relief and I'll find the nearest bar or karaoke spot and we'll see what you got.


Anything fashion-related

I love taking people out on shopping trips, giving them style pointers and hair do’s that matches their own personality. Feel free to follow my Pinterest for some seasonal inspiration for your wardrobe or email me for fashion tips. If you need someone to give your wardrobe a new makeover, email me right away.


Lifting Weights Repeatedly

As the title implies, I like to go to the gym three times a week and get pumped. I'm flexible with my fitness regiment and ensure my food is balanced around my lifestyle (making sure that I cheat and treat myself whenever possible).


Craft Beer

(Let's make sure my workout routine doesn't hear this) There's nothing better than having post drinks with the co-workers, finding a patio in the summer and testing out a flight. It's a passion that yields so much reward. (Kudos if you're a stout drinker like me)