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My name is Jarell Alvarez

UI/UX Designer


Design meets form, Information Architecture, Photography, Traveling,

Writing, Video Games, Hiking, Singing, Tech Nerd, Movies, Creating

Who Am I?

I'm attending the Digital Design and Development (D3) at BCIT where we focus on web design, web development, and business. Over time I've had an affinity for web design where I can create interfaces that have an equal weight of form and beauty. I’ve also had experience running my own photography business, travelling to many countries and enjoying my other hobbies.

My Work?

Welcome to my hand coded portfolio site! You’ll find the best of my work such as websites, apps, illustrations, original stories, and coding projects. Every project was made to reflect a real world scenario that ensures the highest pedigree of quality. I've implemented a wide range of visual, architectural, front-end, back-end skills to suit any job that's thrown at me. Enjoy!

Featured Work

redpin webdesign

Web Design (Red Pin)

rightpear webdesign

Web Design (Right Pear)

monsox storytelling

Storytelling (Monsox)