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Transforming Complexity into Copperleaf Elegance

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      October 3rd, 2021 - March 21st, 2022


      Enterprise, Mid Sized Company, Full Time


      Figma, Dovetail, Whimsical, Jira, Mural


      Project Manager and Dev Team Lead (Triad), Director UXR, Design Team


      6 Months

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  • Simplifying Value Frameworks: Overview

    Copperleaf provides a comprehensive decision analytics solution focused on maximizing asset value. Their latest innovation, Framework Designer, part of the Copperleaf Value suite, empowers organizations to customize and evolve their value frameworks independently, enhancing flexibility and adaptability in decision-making processes.

    Framework Designer

    Framework Designer: This tool simplifies the creation and modification of value models, allowing users, regardless of their technical expertise, to manage and adapt their strategies to changing conditions effortlessly. Framework Designer supports building from scratch or modifying existing models using an intuitive interface, significantly democratizing the process previously reliant on deep software expertise.

    Framework Designer

    User Persona: Jeff is a new team member at Copperleaf, eager to make his mark. With an engineering background and a knack for software, he seamlessly blends his professional skills with an active social life. Jeff thrives in dynamic environments where he can leverage his communication skills to interact with highly intelligent asset managers of critical infrastructures. He aims to define and implement intuitive value frameworks for clients, preferring tools that are user-friendly and efficient. Although he finds satisfaction in solving problems and making precise adjustments, he struggles with the software’s steep learning curve and the frustration of system errors that disrupt his workflow.

    Framework Designer

    Problem: Users struggle with fragmented data and a complex workflow within Framework Designer, making the user experience confusing and inefficient.

    Framework Designer

    Goal: Enhance the user experience for customer experience professionals within Framework Designer by simplifying navigation and interaction, aligning with the goal to turn complexity into elegance.

    Framework Designer

    Impact: The proposed changes aim to reduce training times, lower error rates, and provide immediate value to users by speeding up development processes and improving user satisfaction.

    Framework Designer

    Method: Leveraging a hybrid of the Triple Diamond Process and Dual Track Agile, the approach focuses on iterative design and parallel delivery, ensuring rapid testing and refinement of solutions.

    Framework Designer

    Framework Designer

    Constraints: Navigation challenges were only gathered from internal stakeholder insights rather than direct client feedback, due to the complex and technical nature of the framework. This approach requires a profound understanding of how users interact with the system and what is technically feasible within the existing infrastructure. Moreover, the team has to navigate through legacy processes and intricate workflows that are not always aligned, reflecting the diverse priorities and processes of different user groups. Ensuring that the new developments are cohesive and seamlessly integrated with other products adds another layer of complexity, demanding a thoughtful and well-coordinated design strategy to streamline operations and enhance user experience efficiently.

    Value Proposition: By transforming Framework Designer into a more user-friendly platform, Copperleaf not only increases the tool's usability but also ensures that strategic adjustments are straightforward, fostering a proactive rather than reactive approach to value management. This shift is crucial for organizations looking to maintain agility in a fast-evolving business landscape.

    Framework Designer

    Conclusion: We significantly enhanced user engagement by simplifying the use of Framework Designer, making it more intuitive and adaptable for decision-making. Despite challenges from relying on internal insights and navigating legacy processes, the project streamlined user experiences and set the stage for continuous improvements in asset management.